Decorated Wine Glass

I have a very dear friend that is getting married soon..I am super excited for her and wanted to make her something special for her bachelorette party.  So this is what I made for her.

Her very own special wine glass for her last hurrah before getting married.


Monogram Wine Glass by Mimi's Merry Messages

Monogram Wine Glass by Mimi’s Merry Messages

Monogram Wine Glass by Mimi's Merry Messages

Monogram Wine Glass by Mimi’s Merry Messages



I painted on the monogram and the tulle is all glittery.  (the glitter doesn’t show up very well in the pictures.)   The monogram glasses are going to be a new item in our store so keep an eye out and the available tulle color options will be listed as well.  Working on more samples to display on the store site.   Keep an eye out for new things when Mimi’s Merry Messages Etsy Store opens  back up.

Slowly getting back into action….

We moved at the end of December to our brand new home.  I still have not unpacked my house and of course my craft room is going to be the last thing on the list to unpack.

Today, while we had some nasty weather I decided to play in my craft room with items I could find..  so this is what I wound up making.



Flower Slate hanging  3-2-14 Flower Slate hanging 2  3-2-14 Flower Slate hanging 3  3-2-14

Moving Day

Well we finally have moved out of our apartment and into our first brand spanking new home.  Our furkids love their huge backyard but I think any size yard would be great for them opposed to what they had before nothing.

We are still moving in and you never realize how much crafting stuff you have until you have to pack it up and move it…and then put it all back up…that is what I am doing right now…not sure how long it will take me to finish my work space but I do have it in semi working order.

I am hoping to get it my room in to full functioning order before the end of January but I still have the rest of the house to unpack as well…not fun…

I have really missed being creative…I am ready get back to business…

Michael’s Find

Recently I was at one of my many Micheal’s in my area.  I was killing time between clients and I stopped in a Michael’s and hung out for a few hours.  I love being able to take my time and just look…fill my cart up then put back things when I find something I really want or “need”…….


I found some Tim Holtz products on clearance snagged them and found a really pretty background stamp from Inkadinkadoo it has flowers, vines and butterflies.. there isn’t a name on it but the number on it is 60-00405.

As I decided to put back some of my clearance items after lugging them in my cart for a few hours and really thinking could I do something with it but then deciding nope… I headed back towards the clearance section…as I approached I saw something I completely missed the first 60 minutes I stood in the clearance section looking and touching everything.  I couldn’t believe my eyes…

I had been wanting one of these since they came out…Tulip’s ScreenIt.  Normally priced $150 it was marked down to $99.99.  I quickly put it in my cart and went to find the nearest price scanner to see if maybe just maybe it was even priced lower..and sure enough…it was marked down to $49.99.  I was so excited I went and unloaded even more stuff out of my cart so I could load up on other Tulip accessories.

Love when I find awesome things for an awesome price.




Shopping Haul

So I went to my local stamping store.. which I love.  It is locally owned and operated and you can find some great items to oooohhh and ahhh over…it is a candy store for your eyes.

I love to check their charity section.  It is a small box where they have stamps that have been donated or that are no longer used within the store.  I actually made out like a bandit today.  I went straight to the box and found tons of awesome Tim Holtz Stamps for $2.00.  Yeah be jealous..  LOL

I love when I get a big bag of stuff for not a whole lot of moo-la.

I really shouldn’t be buying anything since it will be packed away soon and stored for our move.    I can not wait to FINALLY have my own room for crafting….my own creative space.

I am also in the process of working on samples for a friend to show her her wedding.  I am hoping that she loves the samples I have to give her.  I will post so you can see them when I start the process.

I also bought recently a lightbox to help me take better pictures of my projects.  I had been looking for one for about a year but really didn’t want to pay the ticket price.  One day I was on one of my favorite sites and saw it on a special for $26.50 and I knew I had to jump on it.   I also have a VIP status since I buy from them all the time so I get the best pricing….LOVE THEM…..

I am looking forward to using it for the first time but it might have to wait until I move..




So excited

We are building a new home. That means I will finally have my own craft room. Our home should be ready in beginning part of Dec.




We are really excited as this is our very first home to ever own.


Now the waiting for it to start being built.



Updated Pics of My Urban Gardening.

Here are updated pictures of my container garden that I am growing on my apartment patio.

I have been buying more plants.  I went to the 99 cents store in Far North Dallas to see if they had any pots and I found some good size pots and tower pots.

I planted tomatoes in the the pots and herbs in the tower.



garden barrel


 Orange Blossom


Tub Garden




Container garden


Orange Trees




container garden 2


container garden 3


container garden 4